We Mourn The Loss of Henry “Beedo” Oscar Hansen

Henry "Beedo" Oscar Hansen

Myself and all of Roman Engineering mourn the loss of Henry. I first met him in 1977 at Lovett Plant. His entire work experience was involved with the energy business, having switched to the gas department at the appropriate time. Whole generations of boy and girl scouts enjoyed his highly informative (and very long!) hikes through the woods in Tomkins Cove (north Stony Point). He knew everything about everything concerning the history of Tomkins Cove. Frankly, he was my inspiration to start a blog specifically geared to Tomkins Cove’s past as it readies for the next cycle. He handled ‘this shall pass’ with aplomb. He answered everything I needed. For instance why do I not have any large trees? Answer: they had to clear cut it once in the twenties for boiler fuel. What did they do with the rock from the barrow pit next to my house? Answer: Number 4. The gears displayed in one of the photographs of Henry and family were part of the Tom Edison solution for Tomkins Cove. The Hanson family has been in Tomkins Cove since inception. Rest in peace, Henry.

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