Hydronically Heated Driveways

Hydronically heated driveways are less expensive to operate than cable or electric snow melting systems. Hydronic systems are best suited for new driveways or for existing driveways near end-of-useful life requiring full replacement.

Why a SALARIA Driveway?

Modern Technology

Our state-of-the-art design safely complies with applicable NFPA codes.

One on one sessions

We utilize your existing drawings and add new drawings with specifications to secure your building permit. You must sign the building permit before construction.

Power Control

Our automatic system connects sensors and controllers to control in excess of ECCNS Section ECR-403.9.

Confidently relax

With free remote monitoring you can relax during a blizzard even if you are in Florida. No more plowing headaches.


Roman Professional Engineering PLLC was founded by Douglas and Derek Schmidt with the mission of blending State-of-the Art civil highway engineering with the Thermodynamic subsection of mechanical engineering to improve the world.

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